{live} local
{love} handmade

The Block is Toronto’s guide to living local and buying handmade.  


I had already lived in Toronto for over four years before I began to discover all that was going on in Toronto’s local and handmade scenes.  On walks home from work along Queen Street West I stumbled upon exciting local shops, designers and artisans.  Around the same time I noticed that some of my favourite finds on Etsy were made right in my own city.

I was inspired by all the creativity going on around me.  I wondered, “how many other Torontonians are missing out on all the local talent in their city?”  

I decided I just had to share my discoveries.  I wanted to create a place where people could easily discover and celebrate their local artisans and, so, The Block was born. 


I’m a small town girl who always dreamt of moving to ‘the big city’.  My dream came true sooner than I anticipated and for years I felt a little lost in my new life.  Despite it’s many flaws, the city has slowly grown on me. I finally feel I have found a new home here in my cozy apartment that I share with my dear husband and our two cats.