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I have a confession:  I am a stripe addict.  I’ve spent most of my life in complete ignorance of my addiction.  Until one day I opened my closet door and it hit me.  Before me stood the evidence of a life-long stripe obsession.  

At first I panicked and vowed not to allow any new stripes into my life.  But the cold-turkey approach only made stripes more appealing.  They called out enticingly from clothing racks and beckoned from shop windows until I could no longer resist.  The stripes won.  I welcomed them back into my life and I have not looked back since.  

A stripe is capable of so much.  It can be classic or it can be bold.  Stripes can be graphic pops of colour or subtle neutrals.  They can be serious or they can be playful.  

For all my fellow stripe-lovers here are some local Etsy finds that are all about my friend, the stripe.  

1. Vintage Black White Stripe Tank by Better Stay Together / 2. Pink Candy Scrabble Photo Art Print by Charlene Precious / 3. Lines and More Lines by Images of This and That / 4. Small Striped Clutch by Kelly Lynch Designs

Are you a fellow stripe addict?  What do you love about stripes?  Do share!  

2 years ago