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In the spirit of Earth Day, (and to counteract the rather discouraging weather this weekend), here are some of the best urban gardening resources, organizations and communities to give you the tools, know-how, support and motivation to get growing!


Gorgeous made-in-Ontario magazine full of inspiration, D.I.Y.’s and tips on living ‘green’.  Featuring loads of eye-candy and info for the local gardener and a column written by Parkdale’s own Coriander GirlClick here for a sneak peek of the current issue (Volume 2) all about urban gardening!

EDIBLE TORONTO information

Quarterly magazine available in print and online that is “dedicated to showcasing and promoting our local food shed”.  Primary focus is on local farms, growers, food artisans and retailers but issues always include gardening articles.  Spring 2012 issue's feature is growing fava beans.  

YOUNG URBAN FARMERS gardening service / information 

YUF provides as much or as little help you want to get your backyard / balcony garden up and running.  Services include garden set-up, maintenance and one-on-one coaching.  

Their online shop offers various garden accessories and tools like pre-made raised bed gardens, collapsible rain barrels,  planters and trellis’s and even kits to set-up a backyard honey bee hive.  The YUF website is also a great information resource, offering tips and answering questions like ‘What are biennials?’.  

CULTIVATE TO urban community shared agriculture

Have a yard but don’t know where to start?  Cultivate TO is a non-profit organization that uses shared yards and land to grow organic produce that is sold to local shareholders.  The benefits of sharing your outdoor space include getting a hands-on education in vegetable gardening and reducing the time it takes you to care for your yard.  

For those of us without a yard to share, Cultivate TO offers volunteer positions and internship programs where you can learn all about growing your own food while getting to know your neighbours.  

FRESH CITY FARMS community supported agriculture

Becoming a Member Farmer, intern, volunteer or participating in workshops with Fresh City Farms is a great way to get involved in the local agriculture scene and learn about gardening and growing your own produce.  

URBAN HARVEST buy organic and heirloom seeds

Certified organic vegetable, herb, wildflower and flower seeds for sale online, at these locations and at Coriander Girl.  (I admit it, I’m a little obsessed with Coriander Girl — she’s just awesome and if you’ve met her you probably are too!) 

What’s your favourite local gardening resource?  

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Comment and be sure to come back tomorrow for part two to discover more seed sources and much more!

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