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Lately my thoughts and dreams are dominated by ideas of getting away.  Not to a resort or a cruise, but just hoping in a car and going.  The destination matters not.  I just want a reason to wander, to roll the windows down and watch the miles fly aimlessly by, to wake up everyday with new places to see, not to stay in any one place or be any one person.  A wanderer with no sense of time.  

Here are some local Etsy finds that add fuel to my wanderlust fire:

1. Arizona Open Road Print by Charlene Precious

2. Hand-painted Rustic Sign “Detour” by Simon Says Signs

3. Gold Migration Bracelet by Sam Handmade Jewellery

4. The Winding Road Home by Urban Dream Photos

5. South American Cut Bandeau Bikini by Bijou Vintage Couture

6. Kid’s Backpack by Augustine Leather

7. Endless Summer Tote by Fieldguided

Comment below and let me know what type of vacation you are dreaming of or planning for this summer!

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1 year ago